Apex Driving Academy teaches you to drive your car on a real race track: we teach high performance driving skills in a safe and controlled environment, and we provide sports car drivers with safe, affordable access to the premier motorsports facility in Texas. 

Apex provides a variety of learning opportunities, including our popular Bring Your Own Car program and customized corporate events.  

Why choose Apex?  

Safety   -   Safety is the first concern at Apex. We have a 100% safety record, and have not had an accident in over fifteen years of operation.

Quality Instruction   -   Apex Driving Academy prides itself on the quality of our curriculum and in-car instructor team. We aim to provide a much higher level of instruction than a typical 'track event'.

Value For Money   -   An Apex BYOC one day event provides as much track time, with less congested run groups, as most two day events - without tying up your whole weekend, and at a lower cost!

Latest News:   

June 3 we have Georg Taht, Apex Director of Operations, attending our Wacky2Way Monday. It has been a while since he could join us as he moved to Singapore in 2016. Be sure to say hello and share your latest track stories. He really misses hanging out with fellow enthusiasts.

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See you at the track!